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Common causes of specimens being placed on hold at the lab include:

Missing Insurance
DOB Discrepancy
Name Discrepancy
Incorrect Test Panel Selected
No Test Panel Selected
Provider is not in our database
Missing Provider Signature
Missing Collection Date
Missing Client Information
White out used on a requisition form
Mistakes on requisition form w/o initialing the mistake

The Account Manager and the Office Manger will be notified of the Hold and the reason. Sample status can be checked on the Provider’s Portal.
Specimen is retrieved the next business day and processed.  In most cases, high priority specimens are processed the same business day.


Any question about a patient sample, please Contact Us.
The status of samples and patient reports can be viewed in each location’s Provider’s Portal.
Artemis DNA Account Managers can sign up a new facility for testing services by filling out a New Provider Form.
Once all the necessary information is received and processed by our Accounts Department, the Account Manager will receive confirmation via email, including the log-in credentials for the new account’s provider’s portal, in which information on patient tests is accessed.
Please Contact Us – letting us know what type of testing you are interested in and any other specific needs for your facility. An Artemis DNA representative will be happy to reach out to discuss options with you.


An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is a form or document that may be sent to you by your insurance company after you have had laboratory services (a urine drug monitoring test, for example) that were paid by the insurance company. You should get an EOB if you have private health insurance, a health plan from your employer, or Medicare. An EOB is not a bill.
Your bill will come from Artemis DNA (not from the insurance company) and will include all payments made by your insurance company, and any other discounts. Your bill will identify any balance you may owe. You must pay the balance to Artemis DNA. Information about how to pay will be listed directly on the bill.
We do not balance bill traditional Medicare patients at all. Patients with commercial insurance are billed according to the patients plan. This information includes co-pays/deductibles, does this plan allow for out of network coverage, how many times per year can this patient have this procedure etc.
Coverage for lab testing is highly dependent on not only on the insurance company, but on the individual’s plan. For example, some insurance plans include diagnostic lab benefits and some do not. In the event of no coverage, we offer affordable Self-Pay options.

Shipping & Supply

Our clients can set up delivery options for either FedEx, UPS or USPS according to their preference.
Our Orders team would love to help with any shipping or delivery issues., please Contact Us.
Upon signing up a brand new account with Artemis DNA, the Account Manager is prompted to indicate the types of supplies needed and they are sent as a “Welcome Kit”. This is the initial shipment of supplies to the facility.
Supplies are ordered for existing accounts by the facility itself or their Artemis DNA Account Manager, with a Supply Order Form.
Account Managers needing supplies for their personal inventory may use the Personal Supply Order form.


Test should be ordered by the patient’s treating provider/doctor (MD, DO, PA, NP, etc) who deem that the test is medically necessary.
Lab tests are ordered via the Artemis DNA Requisition Form by the patient’s treating provider/doctor.
To ensure that results are specific to a patient we require the patient’s full name and date of birth as minimum requirements for specimen labeling. Date and time of specimen collection are also required to ensure proper specimen integrity and record keeping. To help minimize rejections at the lab, please ensure that all specimens are properly labeled with all required patient information.
Artemis DNA is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal and health information, including individual laboratory test results and other patient protected health information that we collect or create as part of our testing activities. Should you have any questions about our privacy practices, please Contact Us.
Yes, see below for testing samples storage breakdown:
 Saliva and buccal swabs (CGx and PGx): 90 days
 Nasal swab (RPP): 14 days
Each Artemis DNA account has their own dedicated “Provider’s Portal” created for them to track the status of tests and retrieve results. The log-in credentials for the portal are provided to the facility by their Artemis DNA Account Manager.
If a sample arrives at Artemis DNA with the correct necessary information, the turnaround times are generally as follows: ,
COVID-19: 24 to 48 hours
Pharmacogenomics Test (PGx) (PCR-RT): 72 hours Next Generation
Sequencing (NGS): 14-21 days
Liquid Biopsy: 10-14 days
Respiratory Pathogen: 24 to 48 hours